Features to Get in Employee Feedback Software

17 August 2021
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If you have an organization with employees, you're responsible for making sure they're satisfied and have the right work environment. These are elements you want to measure tangibly and you can with employee feedback software. Here are some things you'll want this feedback software to provide.  Anonymous Responses A principal goal of gaining feedback from employees regarding their overall satisfaction levels is improving the work environment. That's an improvement that will affect all other employees currently working for your company. Read More 

Identifying Potentially Valuable Estate Jewelry In Minutes

13 July 2021
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If you visit estate sales, you will notice that at many of them, there is a lot of jewelry for sale. Some of this jewelry is usually costume jewelry — it's worth a couple of dollars, at most. But other estate jewelry may actually be quite valuable. Ultimately, you will want to take a piece of jewelry to a professional jewelry appraiser to see how much it is worth before you resell it. Read More 

Useful Services Well Drilling Companies Can Offer

4 June 2021
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Well drilling companies have a lot of specialized equipment that really is needed to set up and maintain different water wells across the country. These companies also offer a lot of useful services besides just drilling. Here are several that may be helpful at some point in your life. Abandoned Well Plugging If you move to a property with an abandoned well, you don't want to just leave it in its current condition. Read More 

4 Questions About Using Heated Step Treads

28 April 2021
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Do you have a problem with the stairs leading up to your home being quite icy in the winter? If so, know that you do not need to shovel and salt your steps all winter long in order to keep them free of ice. Here is what you need to know about using heated step treads. What Are Heated Step Treads?  Heated step treads are electric mats that will go on surfaces where you have the potential to slip and fall during the winter. Read More 

The Top 4 Benefits Your Business Gets When You Invest In Cyber Security

22 April 2021
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Businesses have become more digitized and competitive than they were in the past. Consequently, they do most of the business transactions online and opt for electronic data exchange over the traditional file sharing methods. These advances are beneficial because they speed up and simplify the business process. However, digitalization exposes your business to cybercriminals, putting it at risk of losing clients' data and other sensitive information. Because of that, it is essential to hire a cybersecurity specialist. Read More