Temporary Employment Agencies Are Perfect For Students

11 February 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you are a student and you don't have a lot of time to work, you may want to give your information to a temporary employment agency like Montu Staffing Solutions. This isn't a part time job you'll be committed to, but instead it allows you to work when you need to. You give them a resume with all of your professional qualifications, and the pay and hours you are willing to work. When they need a temp that meets your qualifications, they call. Here are a few great benefits to consider.

Make Your Own Hours

The temporary job agency will call you when they need to fill a position, and you can decide if you want to work or not. You can tell them yes or no, and you can decide how much or how little you work. This is great if you have a big test coming up and you need time to study so you can't work, or if you have something planned and you need more money.

Only Work Jobs You're Qualified For

You may not want to spend your days working for a doggy daycare, fast food restaurant, or another location that is looking for part-time employees. The temporary job placement agency is only going to call you for jobs that you have approved, with the amount of pay you have agreed to work for. You aren't going to waste your time, or worry about working a shift and not making a lot of money, like you could with waitressing.

Find Permanent Options

Working temporarily in different office settings can allow you to find a permanent employment option if you need it later. There may be an opening at a company you work for, and you can learn what you like or dislike. You may discover that you don't like in a specific field, but you really thrive in another. You may get offered a part or fulltime position if you temp for the same company frequently.

Put in your application with a local agency and see if you get any calls. If you find that you aren't getting enough work, you may need to extend your availability, or lower your pay. You may also want to give your application or resume to more than one temporary employment agency, so you can get more opportunities to work. If you are a student and need part time work without commitment, this is ideal.