Answering Big Questions About Group Auto Insurance Through An Employer

1 September 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

If your employer has a group benefit plan available, you will likely have access to insurance coverage options like medical, dental, or even home. However, some employers actually take the idea of group benefits a little further by offering the option of signing up for auto coverage as well. Because obtaining auto insurance coverage through an employer's group benefit plan is a little more unknown, you are bound to have a few questions if this is something you have available through your job. Here are a few of the biggest questions employees tend to have about group auto coverage through an employer. 

What are the advantages of switching to a group auto insurance plan from your current private insurance company?

It may seem like a hassle or a risk to switch from your current auto insurance provider, especially if you have been a long-term customer. However, taking part in a group auto insurance plan does come with benefits. For one, you will likely see a dramatic decrease in the costs you pay annually for car insurance. This is because group rates are often much cheaper than those rates you would normally see as an individual insuree. Additionally, you can set up the car insurance payment to be deducted from your paycheck automatically, just like you would your health insurance premiums.

Is it true you will not have as many coverage options as part of a group auto insurance plan?

This is actually one of the biggest misconceptions about group auto insurance plans, but it could not be further from the truth. When you sign up for a group coverage plan, you will have just as many options to choose the right coverage for your vehicles. You can even get a declaration page from your current insurer and use this to pick exactly the same limitations and deductibles in most cases.  

Can you still qualify for discounts at a personal level with a group auto insurance plan?

You absolutely can still take advantage of these discounts you currently have in most cases because a lot of times, the same companies offering group coverage are the exact same companies, such as, who you are already familiar with. Discounts like safe driving, good student, senior citizen, and veteran discounts will likely still apply, depending on which carrier your employer is actually working with. If a specific discount is not mentioned during sign up, make sure you get contact information and ask an agent.