Your Kid Always Losing Things? Put A Label On It!

30 January 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your kids just end up losing their stuff. Frequently, it's because no one could figure out who the lost item belonged to, so it ends up getting tossed in a lost and found box somewhere. If your child's name is attached to whatever they lose, there is a better chance it will make its way back into its rightful owners hands.

Your Children's Things Travel

They lug all sorts of different things to school, stay over at their friend's house, or participate in a number of other adventures like summer camp. Kids lose things and leave things in places where they don't belong.

To help your kids know what's theirs, or simplify the process of getting things back if they're lost, put a label with their name on things. Here are a couple of types of things that you can help your child hang onto, by putting their name it. 

  • All Clothing

Losing a coat or hat is one thing, but kids are even known to lose their underwear. If your child participates in gym class at school, you might not even believe the chaos that is inherent in the locker room.

You can label every piece of clothing they wear, including their shoes and socks. Make sure you're considerate by asking your child if they would like you to put the labels on the inside, or at least in an inconspicuous place.

  • Bags, Backpacks and Satchels

Backpacks, lunch boxes and suitcases are other things your child uses and often loses. Try tagging them with a label. You can keep it simple; using standard nametags, but you can also have custom labels designed for your kids that actually look pretty cool.

By labeling your child's belongings, especially those important things, it will also help reduce their stress level. If they know their name is on all the stuff they need to bring home, they'll appreciate you when it comes time to find what they do own. Putting a label on it will help simplify your kid's life too. 

You can buy a label maker and print them out yourself, or look into various options where you can have custom labels printed for your child's belongings. Some office supply stores and print shops offer custom label printing, or you can search for options online and attach them yourself.

If you need to help your children hold onto their stuff, put a label on it. Whatever is lost might just find its way back home.