3 Housewarming Gift Ideas For The Daughter Who Is Moving Out Of Town Alone

10 February 2017
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Now that your daughter has decided to move out of town on her own for the first time, you are probably trying to figure out what you can get her as a housewarming gift that supports her new life in some way. Here are a few interesting gift ideas that just may fit the bill:

Conceal Carry Classes

To help ensure that your daughter stays safe while building a life for herself in her new community and making new friends, consider signing her up for conceal carry classes as a housewarming gift. This will allow her to learn how to properly protect herself when walking the streets alone or spending time in her home and enable her to feel confident about safely carrying a weapon when she's out in public. With efficient training and some practice, your daughter can confidently live her life without you or her having to worry about her safety. Once she finished her classes and passes her tests, give her a gift certificate to a weapon shop where she can pick something out to carry for protection.

A Coffee Table Book

Chances are that your daughter will feel a little lonely while she adjusts to living alone in a new community that's unfamiliar to her. Make her feel supported and give her some memories to look back on whenever she feels lonely by creating a coffee table book full of family photos and memorable items from her past. Gather a couple dozen photos you think she'd appreciate and fit them together on the pages of a photo album.

Use small letter stickers or permanent markers to create fun little captions for each photo, and include a few items such as a piece of an old baby blanket or ticket stubs to the first concert you took her to. The idea is to create a book that she can keep on a table in her new home and open anytime she feels the need to get a little closer to her family.

A Club Membership

Your daughter will probably face a lack of a social life for a little while after her move since she won't initially know anyone, so help her out by gifting her with a club membership of some kind. This will give her an opportunity to quickly engage with her community and meet other people with similar interests as hers. If she's into working out, consider giving her a gift certificate to a popular health club that's located near her home. If she enjoys sewing, hook her up with a prestigious club and pay her dues for her. Look for a club that corresponds to your daughter's interests so she is more likely to actually make use of her membership.

These gift ideas can be used alone or in combination with one another to create an unforgettable housewarming gift that your daughter is sure to love.