3 Important Attributes You Can Discover By Having Mechanical Testing Performed On Cardboard Products

9 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

As the owner of a business who offers cardboard shipping products, it is easy to assume that a box is just a box. However, when customers buy cardboard boxes and shipping supplies from your place of business, they will want to know some detailed information so they know exactly how the products can be used. Thankfully, mechanical testing services can easily test manufactured products and give you reliable ratings. Take a look at these important tidbits of product information you can reap by having your cardboard products tested by a mechanical testing service. 

Inner Weight Capacity 

Knowing just how much a cardboard container can withstand and hold stably is important in an array of applications. If a customer purchases cardboard containers from you that will be used for moving, they will need to know how much weight can be safely placed inside of each box. If a small business owner will be using the boxes to ship merchandise, they will want to know the inner weight capacity so they know that products packaged and shipped will be safe for the duration of the event. 

Edge Crush Rating 

The edge crush test rating, often abbreviated as ECT and then a poundage number, of a box tells you and consumers how much the edges of a cardboard container can withstand without faltering. Unlike weight capacity, this factor tells you and consumers something that is highly important. When using a cardboard container with no idea of how much weight the edges can support, you have no idea how much weight is safe to stack on top of it or lean against it during storage or transit. 

Stress Rupture Rating 

Cardboard, whether it is corrugated craft or blended with fiberboard materials, is most often used as a protective encasement for other things. If the exterior walls of a cardboard box rupture easily, they would not be a good option for shipping, moving, and many other processes. A mechanical testing service can take the cardboard products you have and determine their density levels and a stress rupture rating. A stress rupture rating tells buyers how much force a box can handle without tearing or rupturing. 

While this is just the beginning of some of the tidbits of knowledge you can gain about your cardboard products, they are definitely important selling points in the eyes of a buyer. Talk to a mechanical testing service to find out more.