Berber Carpet Maintenance Tips

9 March 2017
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Berber carpeting is a popular choice in offices, home rec rooms, and in places where a standard plush carpet wears down too quickly. This carpet fibers are looped, so that there is no cut edge of the fibers showing. It also tends to have a low pile, which makes it suitable for areas with heavy foot traffic. Berber carpet does require slightly different care compared to the plusher carpet styles. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Use chair mats and leg protectors

The loops of berber carpeting can easily become snagged by furniture. In an office setting you want to use chair mats in front of desk so that rolling office chairs don't cause premature wear to the carpet. In the home, place leg protectors or furniture sliders beneath each furniture leg. This way when you move the couch or another piece of furniture to clean, there is no chance of it snagging on the carpet loops.

Tip #2: Vacuum often to prevent soil

Dirt and soil tends to sit on the top of the loops, which means berber carpeting can show dirt more easily since it doesn't settle into the pile. Fortunately, this also means that dirt doesn't tend to work in deeply so it's easier to remove. The key is to vacuum often. In a busy office, for example, you may need to have the carpet vacuumed every evening. In the home, once or twice a week is usually sufficient. Remember to set the vacuum to the lowest carpet setting, as higher settings won't provide enough contact with the brushes to remove the dirt.

Tip #3: Know your carpet material

It's vital that you know what type of fibers your berber carpet is made from in the event a stain occurs. For example, you can typically remove minor stains from nylon carpet with clear water and blotting, while wool carpet may require a carpet cleaner formulated for wool. Using the wrong method can set the stain permanently in the carpet.

Tip #4: Schedule professional shampooing

Even with proper care, some soil will eventually work its way into the berber carpet fibers. Most home shampooers are designed for plush carpeting, so they may not be able produce the suction necessary to pull the dirt effectively from the lower pile of a berber carpet. Scheduling an annual professional cleaning can solve this challenge, since the commercial machines have the ability to pull dirt even from low pile carpets.

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