Common Reasons Your Pressure Washer Is Malfunctioning And What To Do

10 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you turn on your pressure washer, you expect it to operate. When it doesn't, this is an issue. Fortunately, provided you have been using the unit properly and maintaining the unit, there is likely a simple reason why you're experiencing an issue. Here are just some of the common problems owners face and what you can do about them.

Low Pressure Problems

One of the things that makes pressure washers so useful is their ability to deliver water at such a high-pressure rate. So, when the unit isn't delivering this high rate of water, it somewhat defeats the purpose. One reason you could be experiencing this issue is that there is a problem with the nozzle, such as it being old and worn.

When the nozzle starts to wear, it doesn't allow the water to flow out at full speed. Although the unit might be delivering water at a high rate, due to the condition of the nozzle, it's unable to exit the washer at the same high rate. Fixing this problem is often as simple as replacing the nozzle.

Failure To Start

If your pressure washer was working just fine before and now it won't turn on, don't panic. Particularly if the unit is gasoline-powered, there could be a very simple reason for this issue – the gasoline is old. The average person doesn't use their washer often. Consequently, the gasoline can remain in the tank for an extended period.

As air and moisture build up inside the tank, this can cause the gasoline to turn somewhat stale, preventing the unit from powering on. Drain the tank and install fresh gasoline to see if this solves your problem. Consider only putting a small amount of gasoline in the tank at a time to avoid this issue in the future.

Unit Keeps Shutting Off

If you're in the middle of using your unit and it suddenly turns off, this often isn't necessarily a malfunction, but instead a way to protect the unit from damage. Often time, the unit is forcing itself off because you are low on oil. Operating the unit with low oil is a sure-fire way to permanently damage the engine.

Before this happens, the washer will power off. If you keep turning the unit on and it keeps turning off, it's very likely this is the problem. Use this as a sign that you need to check the oil level.

If your unit is not working, it does not have to be a major issue. However, if you can't seem to figure out why your unit is not working, it might be time to contact a repair technician, like Ben's Cleaner Sales.