Eco-Friendly Casket Options To Consider For Your Green Funeral

10 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Having a green or natural burial has become increasingly popular among many people throughout the world. The misconception is that most of these burial options are actually for cremation only. The truth is, there are several eco-friendly casket options available if you want a traditional burial service. If you are unsure of what an eco-friendly casket material may be or what options may be available to you, here are a few to consider. Keep in mind, most businesses offering caskets for sale may have some of these options in stock. If not, they will be able to order them for you upon request.

Willow Woven Caskets

The use of willow branches to create caskets has been used for centuries. The main reason that willow is used with most green casket construction is due to the durability of the willow. However, if you are trying to maintain a green or eco-friendly funeral, there are other reasons you may choose willow. One reason is attributed to how fast the willow grows. It grows as fast as bamboo so it is replenished fairly quickly. It also uses very little soil and little to no fertilizers that could harm the environment. In addition to these benefits there is another unique quality attributed to the willow. Each willow casket is naturally different due to willow grown in several shades. This adds to the personalization of the casket and the unique concept of the funeral itself.

Seagrass Woven Caskets

When you think of eco-friendly casket materials, you may not think of seagrass. In fact, the thought of most people looking into this type of casket build may be that seagrass is not durable enough to hold up to the weight placed in the casket. The truth is, when naturally obtained seagrass is woven into the casket form it is very durable and can hold up easily to the weight placed inside the casket. That being said, there are several businesses with caskets for sale that will offer a hardwood board for transporting the casket and to give the casket added stability during funeral processions and transporting of the casket to the burial site.

Bamboo Caskets

If you want to use a plant that is easily harvested, durable, and that can grow in place of the casket, then bamboo may be the ideal option. You can choose to have the bamboo created into a casket form that will allow the bamboo to take root and grow in place as your body decays naturally into the earth. This gives back to the environment while giving you a very durable, eco-friendly option. In fact, most bamboo caskets for sale compare their casket durability to that of hardwood floors since bamboo is used as an eco-friendly hardwood floor alternative.

Keep in mind, each state and even county, may have ordinances governing the type of green funeral you may have. Some may require you to be buried in specific locations, have specific types of green caskets, or have special liners in the casket. Request a consultation with the business you choose that has caskets for sale in eco-friendly genres. They will be able to give you pricing and any further information you need on specific limitations.