Enhancing The Appearance Of Your Crystal Employee Award

10 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you recently received an employee award made of crystal for displaying positive aspects while on the job, you are most likely proud of your accomplishment and honored to receive a token of appreciation from your superiors. Keeping a crystal award looking like new is likely to be on your mind so it will be noticed by those who come into contact with it. Here are a few tips you can use to ensure your award attracts attention of those who are near the area where you display it.

Make Sure To Polish Your Crystal Often

It is important to remove debris from your award before it accumulates and sets into the crystal. Failing to remove debris can lead to an award that has a lackluster appearance, making it likely to be overlooked by others. Take the time to polish your crystal with a piece of microfiber cloth every few days. This will whisk away loose debris and will remove streaks without scratching the award in the process. A crystal polishing agent can be applied to your award to aid in improving its sparkle.

Use Lights To Show Off Your Award

Placing your crystal award in a location where light is directed toward it will help in making it more noticeable. The crystal will be enhanced by the illumination that is projected in its direction, making it sparkle as a result. This often helps in showing off the dimensional aspects of an award, making it easier to recognize shaped or themed awards. Consider placing your crystal award in an area where overhead illumination shines down upon it, placing it in a spotlight to those who are near its location.

Consider The Surroundings When Displaying Crystal

The surrounding items you place around your crystal award will have an impact on whether it is noticed or if it blends in with the décor. One way to make sure your award is appreciated by others is to place it in a spot where there is only one color surrounding the crystal. For example, placing your award inside a shadow box with a black background and floor will make it stand out as there are no other items in the area to take attention away from the crystal. A dark color will often enhance the shimmering of the crystal. Set your award on a piece of black velvet in a spot where patterned wallpaper or a multicolored desk surface is not competing with the crisp appearance of the crystal.

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