Can You Still Get a Truck Driver Job With a DWI/DUI on Your Criminal Record?

28 September 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

To be eligible for most truck driver jobs, you must have the right license and a clean driving record. Thus, it's not surprising many people with DWIs or DUIs find the doors to truck driving careers closed to them. That doesn't mean, though, that people with these offenses on their criminal records are completely frozen out of the industry. Here are a couple of ways you can still get a truck driver job with a DWI or DUI on your record. 

Look for Second-Chance Companies

While some trucking companies are very strict when it comes to DUIs and DWIs, others believe in giving people second chances. Thus, it is possible to find a company willing to hire you even though you were convicted of driving under the influence. You can usually find a list of these companies by doing a search online. However, smaller, family-owned trucking companies also tend to be a little more forgiving, so calling a few to see what their policies are regarding DUI and DWI convictions may prove rewarding.

Be aware that even these companies may require that there be some distance between your application date and the date of your conviction. For instance, some companies require that your conviction must be at least three years old. The waiting period may be even longer at other companies. Save yourself time and angst by asking about this before applying for employment.

Take Part in Company Sponsored Training Programs

Another way to get your foot in the door at some trucking companies is to take part in their company-sponsored training programs. These programs are similar to the ones offered by vocational schools. The goal of these programs is to produce qualified candidates who are trained in the way the company likes to do things. One benefit of taking this type of program is that you may be hired once you graduate, regardless of what's on your driving record.

It goes without saying that you must be on your best behavior after getting hired. If you get another DWI or DUI while working for the company, not only will you be fired, but you may find the doors to a trucking career permanently closed to you (especially if the DMV revokes your CDL license).

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