Don'T Visit An Authentic Cuban Restaurant Without Trying These Three Things

10 December 2018
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Traveling abroad is an ideal way to get to experience different cultures and their food, but doing so can be expensive and require a lot of time. If you're curious about trying food from different nations, do some online research to find authentic restaurants in your community. Lots of Americans are familiar with Mexican cuisine, but not too far away from Mexico sits Cuba — a place with impressive cuisine of its own. You don't need to travel to this island to sample the fare, however. By dining at an authentic Cuban restaurant, you'll get a chance to enjoy an accurate representation of the nation's most celebrated fare. Make sure that you try these things during your restaurant visit.

Cuban Sandwich

Few foods in Cuba are as celebrated as the Cuban sandwich, and with good reason. This is a sandwich that is probably unlike anything you've experienced, and that's a good thing. Different restaurants offer different takes on the Cuban sandwich, but look for one with a traditional sandwich. It usually includes pork and ham, as well as pickles, cheese, and mustard, and then toasted in a sandwich press to give the exterior a crispy texture and make the inside hot and satisfying. Chips are a common side dish for this sandwich.


If you have time for an alcoholic beverage when you visit a Cuban restaurant, make sure that it's a mojito. This drink is synonymous with Cuba, and while it's best to enjoy while sitting on the beach, you can close your eyes and imagine white sand while you sip away. Like many mixed drinks, lime is a key taste in the mojito, but the other taste that you'll immediately recognize is fresh mint. The bartender who prepares this rum cocktail will muddle the fresh mint leaves to make them aromatic, thus giving you a drink that packs plenty of flavor punch.


For dessert, Cuban restaurants offer a wide range of sweet treats that you'll enjoy. For an authentic and traditional experience, you might wish to order a flan. This is a caramel custard that is made with milk, eggs, and sugar, and is one of the classic desserts of Cuba. The serving size is typically small, which makes this dessert lighter than you might expect, given the heaviness of the ingredients. Some Cuban restaurants offer variations on the flat you can't go wrong with ordering a standard one.