Have Fun With Customized Condom Designing

17 May 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

While most people may customize greeting cards, candles, T-shirts, and other items, you may want to customize something more creative, such as condoms. You can customize a small supply of condoms, or you can customize a large number of them. Customizing condoms isn't as hard as you may think, and this article can give you some great tips regarding different ways custom-design condoms can be used for personal use, advertising, or other purposes.

Customized condoms for special occasions

You can have condoms customized to celebrate special occasions in an entertaining way that will get everyone's attention. You can pass out condoms at a bachelor or bachelorette party that has the happy couples wedding date on the wrapper. You can also have them made for someone's birthday when you know the people at the party are going to have a good sense of humor about them.

Customized condoms for advertising purposes

Depending on the type of business you are in, customized condoms may be a good way for you to get your business's name out there to the right potential customers. For example, if you have an adult book store, a gag gift store, a music store, an alternative clothing store, a costume store, or even a liquor store, then having condoms with your business name and location or your name and website may be a great idea. The thing about advertising on condoms is that you know your business information will have a better chance of making its way into people's wallets and nightstand drawers. If you run a website, then you can just put the website address and the logo on the condom wrapper.

Customized condoms as gag gifts

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the joker in your life, then you can have condoms customized with something you know that they are going to get a kick out of. You can have the wrappers customized to say various sayings. These sayings can be specific to the person you are giving them to, or the sayings can be funny sayings in general.

Some examples of some funny sayings that may make a hit on condom wrappers include "Have a blast," "Love me some luvin'," "Do you even know my name?" Call me in the morning," and "Been there, done that." Of course, it will be much more entertaining to come up with your own funny sayings. Keep in mind that you can also have pictures printed on the wrappers. This means that you can give someone condoms with their own picture on the wrapper or go with an inside joke and choose another picture you know they will get a laugh out of.