Why Your Firm Might Be Interested In Aerial Imagery

19 May 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Is your business looking to purchase some new land, or are you scoping out potential future sites? If so, you will, of course, want to know exactly what you are getting for your money. While the seller will of course provide some information, there's nothing quite like surveying the land yourself in person. That's not always possible though if you are buying a large piece of land or if there are hazards in the way. Today, companies like yours are turning to aerial imagery acquisition to get the information they need.

See the Entire Plot of Land Quickly

If you are considering driving to a potential new site to scope it out, consider the amount of time you'll spend on travel just to get there and then how long it will take you to walk the land by foot or drive it by vehicle. If the land is far away from your current location or very large in size, it could take you days or weeks before you get all of the information you need.

Aerial images can be taken very quickly by a plane or helicopter that simply flies across the site. You can quickly get a picture of every last corner, nook or cranny of the land by hiring someone who can help you get images from the sky.

See the Layout More Clearly With a Bird's-Eye View

Being able to look down at the land from above might provide you and your company with a unique perspective and new information that you might not be able to get on foot. You'll be able to clearly see exactly where your property begins and ends, and you'll see what is next door to you on all sides. If there are concerns about surrounding forests or neighbors like residents or other companies, aerial imagery can help you map out your plan of action with precision.

Start Planning Construction Now

The real estate process can take time, especially when commercial companies are involved. If you know you will be buying a large plot of land with intent to build, you can use aerial imagery to start your initial planning with the construction company. This will let you make good use of the time between accepting your offer and actually closing the sale. Your construction can begin sooner rather than later and will have a better chance of hitting its budget or deadline.