Residential Snow Removal Tips

30 November 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Winter may be a beautiful time of year, but all that snow accumulation can be frustrating when you have to shovel it. It would be nice if you could just let it accumulate and melt, but this is not possible. You need to put in some effort to get rid of the snow for safety reasons. Here are a few tips that will you remove the snow easier and far more effectively.

Insert Tall Stakes Around Walkways and Driveways

If you live in an area that gets a large amount of snowfall, you should place large stakes around your walkways, driveways, etc. so that you are well aware of their location when using a shovel or snow blower. They are also helpful in the event that you decide to hire a professional snow removal service that will use a snowplow.

Shovel Safely

The activity of shoveling snow can be quite grueling, particularly the older that you get. If you have no intentions of hiring a professional service to take care of this task for you, then you will want to ensure that you remove the snow in a safe manner so that you do not injure yourself.

Make sure that you always bend your knees while lifting with your legs. As you lift the snow, make sure that the blade is kept close to you. You should also ensure that you switch between your left and right hands as you are shoveling so that you do not strain either side of your body. If there is significant snowfall, make sure to do a little at a time throughout the day to avoid overexerting yourself.

Shovel Frequently

Snow removal is a task that must be done often. This is particularly true if the snowfall keeps coming. If you stop and the snow doesn't, then your job will just be that much harder the following day. After all, if you allow the snow to sit until the following day, it will not only stick to the ground, but it may also freeze, making it significantly harder to remove.

Invest in a SnowBlower

If you are tired of using a shovel or would like a back-up option, consider investing in a quality snowblower. A snowblower will help to eliminate a lot of the tedious and strenuous parts of the snow removal process. It also makes it faster! However, keep in mind that there will be certain areas around the property that will still need a shovel, such as the deck.

If you decide that you do not want to handle the snow removal process on your own, reach out to a snow removal service in your area for help.