4 Tips To Design Your Own Business Calendar

31 March 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you are running your business, you should consider designing a calendar for your business. A calendar is a great way to advertise your business. When you give someone a calendar and they hang it up at home or in their own business, and you have your name on the calendar somewhere, you are able to advertise to them for twelve straight months. That is why having your own calendar to give out is so important. When it comes to designing your own calendar, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your calendar is top-notch. 


First, you need to decide on how you want to configure your calendar. Do you want the calendar to be a desktop calendar that people can put on their desks and write on? Do you want a single-page wall hanging calendar, where the calendar is concise and small? Or do you want a bigger double-page calendar, where there is a picture on top and the calendar portion on the bottom? 

Think about how your ideal customer will use it. If you want someone to hang up the calendar at home, go for a double-page calendar. If you want someone to use it in their office, go for a desk calendar. If you want it to be used by businesses, go for a smaller single-page wall hanging calendar.

Decide What Business Elements to Include

You want to include various business elements on the calendar. To make the calendar a great advertising tool, you are going to want to include your business logo or name each month, so that it is always present. You can also design the calendar to incorporate and focus on your brand colors. Or you can use inspiring quotes that relate directly to your business and services. You want to include your business elements in a visually appealing manner. 

You may also want to include contact information. You could include your website, or you could include some social media handles. 

Highlight Important Dates

Most calendars highlight standard important dates, such as federal holidays. However, when you design a calendar, you can highlight and add other important days to the calendar. For example, you can add information about important events that your business holds, making it easier for your customers to remember those dates. Or you can add fun and silly holidays that relate to your industry. Be sure to include dates that relate to your industry and business in order to personalize the experience. 

Use Custom Pictures

Don't just take stock pictures and put them on your calendar. Add custom pictures that connect to your business or to your community. You want your pictures to be stunning, beautiful, and well-composed. You need people to want to look at the same picture for 31 days. Hire someone to take the pictures that you use on your calendar.

A custom calendar is a great way to advertise your business. It can allow you to advertise your business for twelve months to everyone who hangs up your calendar or sees it hung up somewhere. When designing a calendar for your business, first determine what type of calendar that you want to create. Then, figure out what business elements to include on the calendar. Add important dates to personalize your calendar. Be sure to use custom pictures. Make your calendar unique and special. 

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