A Quick Guide To Business Editing Services & Email Newsletters

20 July 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you send out company newsletters to employees, customers, or potential clients, you want the content to appear professional. The text you send should not have any grammar mistakes or errors that stand out. When you send out multiple newsletters on a regular basis, you have a great amount of content to go over.

Instead of using valuable work time to constantly proofread email newsletters, you can rely on business editing services as an alternative. A business editing service goes beyond just editing for email newsletters. Read through this quick guide to understand exactly what they offer.

Language & Replacement Phrases 

A business editing service will correct any grammar errors as the first part of a process, but the overall language of an email newsletter adds importance as well. Through editing, a professional will replace phrases with more professional words and ensure the language flows smoothly throughout the email.

If an editor notices a lot of repeat phrases, they may restructure sentences to add variety and keep readers interested in the content.

Number Formats

In a newsletter, you may rely on a lot of different numbers. The numbers could include important dates, statistics about your business, or possible discounts on services. A numbers edit will ensure each number has the proper format and displays correctly in the email. You do not want to accidentally spread any misinformation about data, discounts, or important dates.

One simple error in the numbers can result in major problems or miscommunication with a large base of people who receive your newsletter.

Word Reduction 

No one wants to read through a wordy email newsletter on a regular basis. A business editing service can cut down on the word count while still ensuring the email delivers the message you intended. A word count reduction will improve the flow of the email and eliminate repetitive phrases or unnecessary words.

As you compare your original newsletter to the edited ones, you will learn how to naturally cut out the words and create shorter newsletters in the future.


Once the text is fully edited, an editing service will provide formatting. Email newsletter formatting may include spread-out paragraphs, a key emphasis on certain phrases, and digestible text. When someone opens an email with a big block of text, they may feel overwhelmed about everything they need to read.

Proper formatting can make a big difference and allow readers to get through the majority of your newsletter with ease.

Start with a sample edit of your email newsletter to see all the improvements a business editing service can provide.