Why Your HOA Board Should Hire A Management Services Firm For Assistance

19 September 2022
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Managing a homeowners' association is a lot of work and even if you have multiple board members splitting the various tasks up, you may find there are certain things that no one enjoys tackling or certain situations that just leave you feeling overwhelmed. One idea that might provide your board members with a better way of doing things would be to reach out to an HOA management services firm and inquire about hiring them. Here's what a good HOA management firm can do for your plan's homeowner's association.

Deal With Awkward Financial Situation So You Don't Have Neighbors Going After Each Other 

If your HOA charges membership fees as most do, things could get awkward if someone isn't paying their dues. If the HOA is also heavily involved in things like rent collection or you have community property that everyone chips in on financially, things could get even more complex or difficult if someone isn't holding up their end. When you hire a management firm, you can outsource financial issues to a third party so you don't have to have a board member knocking on the door of their neighbor just to inquire about a late payment.

Help Your Board Find Qualified Candidates to Move Into Vacant Homes

If your community is more private or offers high-end amenities and has a waiting list to get in, your HOA might also be involved in trying to qualify possible candidates to move into your homes. But most HOA board memberships are done on a volunteer basis or at least won't pay very much if anything. Doing things like background checks and other research for new potential residents can be very time-consuming. An HOA management firm will be better qualified to tackle these sorts of tasks.

Do a Better Job of Staying Up to Date With Maintenance or Other Requests

If maintenance requests for the community go through the HOA, this could be another long-term hassle for you to deal with. You don't want any requests to fall through the cracks and have someone's repair or maintenance request go unanswered. An HOA management firm likely already has a list of potential contractors on staff who can help and will be better organized in order to ensure that everyone gets their requests taken care of as quickly as possible.

If your homeowner's association has had issues with fee collection or more complex issues, or if you just don't have the time as a board member to do everything on your own, consider hiring an HOA management firm for assistance.

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